AFCC underlines key messages regarding Innovation aspects that deliver on F2F goals

Agri-food chain sectors highlight innovations supporting more sustainable food systems amid call for EU framework enabling access to innovative tools and practices

#EuFarm2Fork has huge expectations from the food chain but is it delivering on its promises to adequately support the food chain? There is a lot of talk about innovation being the key to the sustainable transition delivered by the Farm to Fork strategy. Is it just a buzzword or are there real mechanisms and legislative vehicles that concretely support innovation in the food chain? Is the food chain innovative enough? Is it ready for change? What innovation is taking place already in the food chain and what else has to be done in order for innovation to reach the market?

Here AFCC shares their key messages surrounding innovation aspects from each association, below and within the PDF for a further insight (clickable link).


AFCC Event Report 14.06.21