AFCC chimes in on Strategic Dialogue for the Future of Agriculture

As the Strategic Dialogue on the future of agriculture moves ahead, the AFCC (Agri-food chain coalition) recognises the importance of this forum in highlighting the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead of us. We stand firmly in the core belief that science and innovation are the cornerstones of a sustainable transition in agriculture. Ahead of the next meetings we are submitting AFCC’s recommendation for the EU Strategic Agenda 2024-2029 which include the strengthening of the European food autonomy and resilience as well as enhancing the competitiveness and sustainability of the entire EU-Agri food chain.

Our collective strength lies in our resolve to ensure competitiveness, mitigate the risks and impacts of climate change, and advocate for meaningful agricultural advancements. The demand for action is evident and the agri-food chain sector stands firmly ready to engage and deliver.